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Rental Transformations


Most retro properties date from the 1930's - 1980's. Often they have very little features from their era left. Or if these features still exist, they are usually buried under decades of paint, wallpaper or crumbling extentions.


Retro Styling is a name given to a design era mainly rooted in the 1950's. But in fact this label can encompase three decades either side of this date. It's main features are based on simplicity form and function. Colour and comfort are mainly associated with the later era's of the retro style genre.


Beautifuly Styled Retro properties, reflect a classic blending of style eras.

Shabby Chic Styling

Dated properties in need of a injection of new life. Often a splash of colour and fresh new bedding can help, but a clear style direction is also required to pull a scheme together.

All the elements of Shabby Chic - present more effectively when restricted to a limited colour palette, allowing the expression of this style using a range of patterns and hues.

Key design elements, can anchor a scheme from a beautifully crafted front door, shuttered windows, restored wooden floors or even ambient period lighting. All serve to enhance the overall appeal for a rustic period property. 

Property rentals can be a potential nightmare for landlords and tenants, but if the landlord is confident in their property product then they will be confident in their choice of carefully selected tenant.

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