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Shabby Chic Hallway - Vintage Package



Susan West and her family

Step 1:

Photo Analysis


Even the narrowest hallways can be elegantly dressed. Susan has created the most splendid oasis of style, colour and glamour. In her sleek shabby chic home, which reflects all the great aspects of herself and her children. The plain wooden doors were painted in a rather bold turquoise colour, then finished off with 2 sizes of antiqued upholstery panel studs. Susan bought the antiqued door knobs from the local hardware shop, then added a turquoise high skirting board trim wall panel to guide the eye along the hallway towards the Livingroom door.

The alter pew has been repurposed by Susan’s son Bradley to serve as a sturdy console table, with two equally substantial table lamps for added drama. The large mirror, framed in the same wood as the console table serves to create the illusion of depth by doubling the width of this narrow space. The floor is a faux ceramic cushioned floor, for added warmth and insulation. This also can help to cancel out any noise echoes which is, a very practical flooring for apartment living.

The two ceiling lanterns were purchased from Susan’s parents second hand furniture shop, which were rewired and fitted by a qualified electrician. The overall look and feel of this hallway is a great success. Very rarely do we see repurposed furniture used as effectively as we see here in Susan’s home, but if you take the time to plan it out carefully then the end results like Susan's home can be outstanding.

$ecret to Getting the Dream Home You Want #$£! - Shabby Chic Hallway Makeover 'Demo Video' pt2

$ecret to Getting the Dream Home You Want #$£! - Shabby Chic Hallway Makeover 'Demo Video' pt2

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