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Consultation Package

ID - Hallway86.jpg
Chapter 9 - Vintage Interior Image.png

20 Bed Boutique Chic Hotel Foyer

Gold Scheme

Full DIY - £9.5k / $12.5k

DIY & Trade - £18.5 / $24.1k

Full Trade £27.5k / $35.8k

ID - Hallway Commercial 19.jpg
ID - Story Images 22.jpg

Colonial Classic
80 Bed Hotel
Foyer Area
Silver Scheme

ID - Commercial Foyer.png
ID - Hallway Commercial.jpg
Chapter 14 - Vintage Interior Image.png

Cuban Wine Merchant Reception/Foyer Area
Gold Scheme

ID - Hallway Commercial 28.jpg
Chapter 11 - Vintage Interior Image.png

Grand Colonial Eco Hotel Foyer
Gold Scheme

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