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Vintage Interiors 

What is Your
Dream Home? 
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What are Vintage Interiors?


This website is a one stop shop for all your vintage interior and exterior design needs.

I will show you in just easy to follow steps how to produce show stopping designs of your choice, from my Domestic and Commercial Design online courses and books.

Let me guide you step by step as you Change Your Story and Change Your Life.

$ecret to Getting the Dream Home You Want #$£! - Website Home Page 'Video'

$ecret to Getting the Dream Home You Want #$£! - Website Home Page 'Video'

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My 'Interior Design Stories books and website - has had a name change to: 'How to Create Vintage Interiors' 'www.createvintage
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Classic Vintage Property Styles

Have you ever walked past a home and simply had to stop and gasp in sheer admiration of the feast that bestows your eyes?


The 1st step is the exterior of your home or business, which equates to a beautifully wrapped gift, with all the anticipation and excitement that preludes the wonderment of that, which awaits the recipient of such a precious gift.

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